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About Us

About us

Welcome to Buras Woodworking Hi my name is Kevin Buras and I served 23 years as a First Sergeant searching for bombs, yes bombs in the U.S. Army until I was medical retired for injuries sustained from combat. These injuries had a great toll on me resulting in TBI, PSTD, spinal cord and multiple other injuries from IED blasts. This gave me many struggles, depression and pain. But the one thing that made all the hurt, pain and memories of war go way for just a moment, was when I am woodworking. I love building memory boxes, keepsake boxes, fly boxes, restoring old tools, wooden urns and things for animals. A big part of my woodworking career has to do with the help from Rob Cosman, the Cosman family and his Purple Heart Project program. Rob Cosman bring wounded veterans to Canada to his shop for a week long intense hand tool training. He help jump start me further into a better woodworker, I mean he is the dovetail master! And I got the to learn from the master, but I still have a ways to go before I get there. LOL 

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