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Refund policy

Return Instructions
26 APRIL 2022


If you need to return an item for any reason, please first contact our team at to determine the course of action and to generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Once a return has been authorized, you will be given an RMA document and the proper address to send your return.

U.S. Customer Returns.  Returns from our U.S. customers are sent to our U.S. address listed on the return authorization form.

International Customer Returns.  Returns from our customers outside of the U.S. address listed on the return authorization form.

How to Package a Return.  Please be sure to wrap the item carefully and pack in a sturdy box to avoid damage in transit.  Print out the return authorization form we will issue you and include it inside the return box. 

Shipment Tracking Numbers.  Ship the package to the proper return address using a shipping service that has a tracking number.   Share this tracking number with our team at and that will initiate one of the following: a replacement for the returned goods; a refund for the goods being returned; or another previous agreed to solution.

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